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How to Increase Agility

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How to Increase Agility

It’s very important for sports people to remain agile – ha ha, I’ve just thought about Rocky Balboa trying to catch that chicken, that was a good scene wasn’t it, actually we had a similar experience ourselves not long ago but fortunately the chicken took pity on us and eventually went home of her own accord . . .

Agility in sports is vital, you know those basketball players with the fancy moves, the volleyball players who are constantly surprising the opposition by not doing what they thought they would, the soccer players who can spring, twist and kick a ball into the back of the net without giving themselves a hernia. Agility is all about being able to change direction, being able to stop quickly and then accelerate again while your opponent is still facing in the opposite direction, it stands to reason then that you need to practice this to increase your overall agility.

* Running – it’s no good just running round and round at the same speed, that might help your stamina and speed but it won’t do anything for your agility. One great way of increasing agility is to run as fast as you can for only about 5 or 6 yards, stop, turn and run back again as fast as you can, stop, turn and run back again, rinse and repeat . . . You’ll end up with better balance, more speed and overall improved agility.

* Jumping- a bit of lateral jumping is also great agility training. The bar doesn’t have to be too high (we’re not training for the Olympic high jump team) just a few inches from the floor, but jumping over it from side to side for a few minutes each day will help to put a spring into your step. If you can jump higher and run faster, you’ll run rings around your opposition.

* Agility Ladder – you don’t climb up and jump off, but there are loads of different techniques you can use with an agility ladder, or speed ladder as it’s sometimes called. If you don’t have a ladder you can just make your own on the floor with tape and sticks, they are generally about 10 yards long and are divided into 18 inch square. Practice some of these different drills:
1. run along the ladder putting one foot in the center of each square, lift your knees high and swing your arms hard.
2. run along the ladder but put each foot into the center of each square, you need to find a bit of rhythm for this one. Again you should lift your knees and swing your arms for maximum effect.
3. Straddle the agility ladder – it’s a bit like playing hopscotch really. They are just loads of different combinations you can do and all will help to improve your agility on the field and in life.

* Strength & Endurance – If you are a glutton for punishment, try the Jacob’s Ladder Exercise Machine.

How to Increase Agility in Life

Now then I’m not suggesting that everyone should go to such extremes to increase their agility, that’s really only for sports people, but generally speaking you can help to increase your agility in your every life. As we get older it’s more a case of “use them or lose them” which means our muscles. By maintaining a fairly active lifestyle with plenty of gentle exercise, your muscles should remain flexible and our agility increase.

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